Youth research is significant because it encourages and allows young people to be inquisitive about the issues that interests and influences them. Furthermore, their research findings promote veritable changes in various research areas. Without research,the intellectual development of the youth will be drawn back by limitations and our society will remain in darkness. Therefore, it is necessary to acknowledge the fact that research holds many advantages for our youth. First of all, research develops life skills such as leadership qualities, public speaking skills, decision-making abilities, an increase in self- esteem, interpersonal skills, educational enrichment, forward thinking etc. Secondly,humanitarian service providers working in youth programs are mainly part-time employees who do not receive the benefits or earnings associated with a full-time job, therefore, conducting social research would allow them to earn a certain amount of money. Besides the points mentioned, sociological research provides us with the understanding that we need to deal with social problems or key social issues. Therefore, the purpose of research is to inform ourselves and the wider society about social issues, to establish an action plan and to acquire valuable experience in sociological research. So, research holds a great importance for youth development and is a fundamental aspect of any society’s social revolution.


To engage the youth in social research.
To create a platform for that provides the youth with an opportunity to make a difference.
To enrich their knowledge.

Description of the activities:

Duration: 9 months.8 months for implementation & 1 month for fellow up and celebration.

Number of Classes:
Workshop : 08
Seminar: 02
Training: 03
Practical Work: 08
Field Visit: 10
Presentation : 02

Number of Fellowship Research: 4-6

Class Time & Day: Friday 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm

Area of Research: Community Health, Food & Nutrition, Education, Business& Entrepreneurship, Social Issue .

Topic of Workshop:
01. What is social science &Social Research? Why it’s important for youth?
02.How to write a Research Proposal?
03.How to develop Research Questions?
04.How to review literature?
05.How to manage your project?
06.How to analyze your research?
07.Quantitative technique of data analysis
08.Qualitative technique of data analysis

Topic of Training
01.How to be an active citizen?
02.How to communicate with your object (People)?
03.How to write a social research article/ thesis paper.

Topic of Seminar:
01.Sustainable Development Goal & Role of youth
02.How to write an Abstract?

Criteria for Applicants:

Target group: Running University Students ( MBA Student also eligible )
Age Limit: 18-25 years
Having a Basic knowledge about MS Word & MS Powerpoint.
Good communication skill in both writing & speaking in English & Bangla.
Have to strengthen  commitment to complete whole fellowship program regularly.

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